It's a bootstrap table rebuilt for React.js Get Started

Functional Table

Column align, hidden, sorting, formating, filter, styling, pagination and search.


A basic CRUD on table data is important for table component, so we support cell editing, row insert and remove on table.


After v3.0.0, we allow more customizable on table, include the all buttons, toolbar, cell editing etc.


react-bootstrap-table is a React component for Bootstrap table. It's a configurable, functional table component.It make you build a Bootstrap Table more efficiency and easy in your React application.

react-bootstrap-table sample

01. Bootstrap

Built with native bootstrap@3 and not dependency with react-bootstrap, but fully compatiable with it.

02. Intuitive

Declarative and Compositable Component for development

03. Flux

We support data manipulation inside our table store or on your flux implement both

Quick Look

Recent Work

v3.0.0 was released, check release page to see the news. We still improve this component, feel free to give us any feedback or PR is welcome. You can check CHANGELOG to see what we are working on.